Did you know that Crush is portrayed “high” because Sea Turtles actually eat jellyfish and the poisons inside the jelly doesn’t actually harm the turtle but instead intoxicates them much like marijuana does for humans.

i just thought it was because he was supposed to be a “surfer dude”

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Hoechlin, Posey and Dylan exchanged numbers when they auditioned for Teen Wolf so they could keep in touch if they didn’t get the parts. Russel Mulcahy came out and saw them and asked if he could take a picture of the three of them together, but didn’t say why. They were worried they might be in trouble for loitering.

- Tyler Hoechlin, Days of the Wolf - 17 Feb 2014

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when your friend does something embarrassing in public


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what terrifying final sights 
put out your beating heart

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Early concepts for Iron Man 3 title sequences // Suit Porn
— Iron Man doing a striptease in his removable suit (x)


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I still wonder what happened to the rest of the world in The Hunger Games

  • Do they still have meetings and stuff?
  • France: Anyone heard from America lately?
  • Mexico: Same old, same old. They're still sending out children to fight to the death in a reality show.
  • UK: Shouldn't we do something about that?
  • China: Just leave them, at least they're not annoying us.

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"I’m hardly the sexiest man in the world. I’m a bit of a geek."

"I’m hardly the sexiest man in the world. I’m a bit of a geek."

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